Mark Waters

Mark Waters

I am a retired Network contractor , idling in France with my wife Marie-Laure Waters
Since 2005 I have been carfree and currently ride velomobiel strada214 for transport
To stay fit I enjoy wildswimming and walking
We use solar and are almost carbonfree

I have Personal and Social sites

Contact / Social

Mail . Telegram . Skype . Twitter . Strava

I don't use Facebook , Instagram or WhatsApp

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Technical Support

Local Computer Repairs and User Training
Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and Android support
Don't bother unplugging the computer , I'll visit you
40 Years Experience

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Web Hosting Services

Would you like a nice #indieweb Wordpress site ?


BitCoin : Preferred , Contact me for a fresh address or use my PayNym.
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Last Updated : 2020-05-09

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